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Out on Newbury st. Boston - come visit I’ll be here all day (at The Slab)

Out on Newbury st. Boston - come visit I’ll be here all day (at The Slab)

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A few months ago I was working on a sculpture over a creatology square head toy, after finishing the body I was unsure about the head, so I decided to make a mold of just the body and experiment with different heads.

Here’s the first one, the Lion Man.

The body is made with resin from a silicone mold, the head is all super sculpey that I molded until I was happy with the overall look. I then primed the toy black and followed by applying color details with acrylic paint.

This dude along with the small lion will be available soon through my online shop.

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Another toy all set and done. Happy to introduce the “Lion Steezy Dude” - this was sculpted on a micromunny, since he wasn’t tall enough I decided to add some legs. To do this I made the bones with wire and set an initial layer of sculpting clay, after baking and hardening I added the remaining details like the shoes and sweater.

Very happy with the final outcome, I see how my skills are developing as I find new ways to work and find solutions to problems that arise.

He’ll be added to the shop soon, hit me up if you’re interested in this dude.

Another fun project that is all set and done. I got the chance to meet the CEO of Urban Enlightenment Clothing and after talking for a bit, he was impressed with my sculptures, how detailed and well worked they are. He’s had a mascot since first making the brand and asked if I was up to the task. Turning a 2d image into a sculpture.

I rarely turn down a challenge and much less if it involves making something cool and unique, so I was all in. I sculpted everything using super sculpey, I normally use the normal and firm ones, depending on what I’m working on, or a mixture of both. After making sure all details were done with the sculpt, I then moved on to painting. I use acrylics and do several layers of color to make them pop like they do.

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The holiday sale was a hit, totally surprised by the support of so many followers. Really thankful I’m able to touch people’s hearts and/or minds with my art. These are just two of the many products sold throughout the sale.

Titled Blue Man and Blue Woman, their story follows:

Spiritual people living in the wild and being transported by giant bunnies, these bunnies are extremely steezy and have control of the person when being riden. They share a deep spiritual connection with their human and guides them to the tree gods.

Happy to announce that some of my work is currently available at the Mass Apparel Store in Boston.

As you know I like to work on various mediums, so there’s a little bit of everything at the store. Original paintings, framed and unframed prints, posters, postcards, stickers and last but not least hand sculpted toys.

Taking from their site “…when trying to create a piece of art we feel that there should be no boundaries as to what we can create…” they believe in diversity, they’re not locked into one style, which is the big reason we hit it off from the start, I’m 100% behind the concept and only wish the best for them.

So if you’re in or around Boston, check them out, support a good cause, and while at it, support me, all my steezy work matches perfectly with the vibe and feel of the store.

I’ve been working on a commission toy for past few weeks. Here’s a look at the progress I’ve made throughout. I created the skeleton of the toy with wire and set the base first. Once I was happy with an overall look of the body I baked the entire thing, then proceeded to add details, working on sections of the toy by parts. I use a mixture of the original sculpey with super sculpey for all of my sculptures as of recent, I’ve found the combination of both gives me the softness I like to work with it, while at the same time the rigidness I need for details.

This is a fun project that will consist of a run of toys for the company and if you’ve been following my work, you know I’m gonna kill it with lots of details and awesome packaging to along with it.

Toys will be available in the near future.

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Hi, I’m Andres Alfonso aka afar25 a graphic & web designer, illustrator, artist and skateboarder living in Boston.
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